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c'ugh brothers

The story


Rick and Pascal met while on a surfing holiday in Bali back in Oct 2014.  They stayed at the same surf camp, became great friends and shared a dream of wanting to move to Bali along with the same values, so c'ugh brothers were born.  

Our original inspiration was to open a surf camp (with a twist, but can't share that just yet; sorry gang!), but we realised our hard-earned saved cash wasn't going to make the cut, so we decided to take one aspect of our surf camp and open a cafe/restaurant/bar with the hopes that we can eventually expand and achieve the surf camp in the not-to-far future, so watch this space.  

In the meantime, we plan to open a kick-ass venue with some damn good grub and a c'ugh atmosphere.  We intend to integrate with the community, offer a new place to hang out and give something back that makes a positive difference.  We're not sure exactly how that will play out yet, but we've got some ideas and we're excited about the possibilities.  Most importantly, we believe we will make a difference and that feels awesome!  

We face new challenges almost everyday in our pursuit of this dream, but we're up for the fight (the boxing gloves are on!) So, get your tickets and tune in; we're going to share the journey with you here... and be sure to come hang out once we're up and running!