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7 Reasons We Want to Move to Bali & Why You Should (at least) Want to Visit


The Balinese have a wonderful, peaceful, welcoming and friendly spirit that resonates throughout the island.  My first time to Bali, one of our surf guides invited us to his wedding.  It was an amazing, first-hand  experience of local culture and I was immediately hooked. 


Bali is one of the few places in the world where you will find surf for all levels of ability almost every day of the year.  Truly a surfer's paradise!




I mean WOWSERS!  I lived in Hawaii for three years and never saw sunsets as incredible until I went to Bali.  In fact, this photo captures what has got to be the most incredible sunset I have ever seen in my life.  To have these as a daily occurrence is bound to lift any soul to unreachable heights. 


Indonesian food is on the top of my list of favourites.  The mix of spices, heat and fresh ingredients are enough to start a party in anyone's mouth.  When in the mood for western food, their is an abundance of great quality choice; and the fusion of the two rarely ceases to please me. BIG BONUS: it's likely to cost you way less than many other places too.


As soon as you venture away from the main city hubs, the island landscapes and scenery are simply stunning.  There are very few places in the world that can come close to matching it.


The amount of choice you have for adventure is endless, from the depths of the ocean free-diving to the heights of the heavens volcano hiking and everything in-between, there's surely something here to make you feel more alive than ever!


Last, but not least, and either personal, shared, or for someone or something else, I'd say there is endless opportunity to those who dream it and dare to do something about it.  Let your imagination go wild on this one.  We think it's totally c'ugh!