be c'ugh


Feeling cool, crazy and clean.  Feeling c'ugh.

Feeling cool, crazy and clean. Feeling c'ugh.

So, this is me Rick, sipping a cocktail with all kinds of crazy happy thoughts going through my head.  As I watch the surfers catching beautiful wave after wave, while another breathtaking sunset begins to take shape in Uluwatu, I wonder how life can be so good, so cool, and hold so much excitement and adventure.  Here I am, back in Bali thinking about everything I've got to do before packing up my life of 15 years in London to relocate to this magical place.  It's here that I've decided to start a new life, to pursue my passion for surf, photography, my calling for entrepreneurship and warm, balmy nights next to the ocean.  How did I get to this latest pivotal moment in my life?  It's not the first, but I certainly feels it's been a bit too long since the last one.

Well, I'm hoping to inspire and be inspired as I make this new journey and share it with all of you out there.  I'm hoping that I can somehow motivate someone else to find their calling, their passion and to take the little decisions that spectacularly lead to the big ones that stir up these raw feelings of excitement, adventure, contentment and mystery.  I'm hoping that as I reach obstacles and make mistakes, I can find it in myself to carry on, to share them, to learn from them and maybe stop someone else from making the same mistakes.  I'm also hoping that you can do the same for me.  Equally as important, this is about having fun, keeping the laughs coming and keeping it crazy.  

I'm hoping that through it all, I'll make a difference.  I'm hoping that I remember to keep it clean;  that I remain conscious and grateful that such wonderful places like Bali exist and that I'm lucky enough to experience them; that I need to do my part in taking care of them and remind others to do the same.  For me, to be clean is to make decisions that sustain and better the environment I live in and to make decisions that are conscious of maintaining and improving health and fitness in order to have the energy and drive to positively move forward.

It's for all of this, that I decided to start this blog and to move forward with a purpose, to be c'ugh: to be cool enough, to be crazy enough and to be clean enough.  I hope you join me and I hope you'll be c'ugh too.

I intend to post on a weekly basis, likely to be on the weekend.  What blog the direction takes is yet to be seen, but for now I plan to share the small steps I'm taking to allow me to relocate to Bali, with my good friend Pascal, who currently lives in Leipzig, Germany.  At times, between now and our relocating to Bali, Pascal will contribute towards this blog too and I'll be sure to point it out when he does so that you're aware.  

If there's anything in particular you would like to see from this blog, to be c'ugh, just let us know by leaving a comment or sending us an email and we'll do our best.  If you think I'm off to a good start, then let me know by liking this post.

Thank you and see you next week.