be c'ugh

be crazy enough to do something about it

To be Crazy enoUGH is just that! Be crazy! Be fun! Let that inner child out!  Have a blast in the process of finding and pursuing that passion.  

It can be something small like thinking it's crazy to wear your (under)pants backwards for the day just to know how it feels.  And maybe you'll be Crazy enoUGH to tell your colleague half way through the day.  

Or it can be something crazy big like deciding to jump out of a plane, or even better, packing it all up and moving to your favourite place in the world.  Hey, that's what we're doing after all.

Anyway, the point is life is too short, so make sure you doing something Crazy enoUGH to put a smile on your face each and every day.  Laugh your heart out.