be c'ugh
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be clean enough...

To be Clean enoUGH is to be conscious of how our decisions impact the environment and our health.  Be conscious to make the world, your body and your mind a little bit better and a little bit cleaner.  

It may seem like no big deal, but we think it helps the environment to ask ourselves if we can avoid using that new plastic bag; if we can reuse the same water bottle; if we can hold on to our rubbish until we find a bin to put it in; if we can choose a sustainable product over one that isn’t.     

For our bodies and mind, we try eat smart,  to get in some exercise most days of the week,  to get enough sleep, to do something that results in positive energy.

The examples could go on and on, but we think you get the gist by now. 

The point we want to make is that we think building awareness to take small steps like these will ultimately lead to taking some really impressive big steps.  Who knows what they’ll be, but the potential is great and the anticipation even greater if you let it.  

Can you tell we get excited by this stuff!?

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